Arabic medicine with a modern scientific template:  To treat hair loss, skin and skin with herbs and natural oils - Arabic medicine with a modern scientific template:  to treat hair loss, skin and skin with herbs and natural oils


Stretch Marks
After pregnancy or slimming
Soap + Cream

- Ingredients: Olive – palm - Almond - Wheat - Aloe (cactus) - Glycerin - perfume - purified water..

It contains natural herbs as active ingredients & rich in collagen which helps to accelerated wound contraction & healing, it due to increase the nutrition's by helping increasing skin blood flow to the application area, this in term leads to the renewal of damaged and dead cells, and their helps repair or rebuilding, especially in cases of: stretch marks during and after pregnancy, or during and after the treatment with slimming and anti-obesity drugs, and after following a diet or fitness program for slimming or weight loss.

Olive : Contains Vitamin A,B,E, protein, salt of (phosphor, iron & Calcium), Anti-oxidation. It rebuilds cells, Soft and Emollient of skin & hair, Includes Elenalic acid witch kills virus. And uses for sensitive and dry skin, hands & legs.
Palm : Contains hydra carbon, fat, fibers, vitamin A,B1,B2,C, protein, sugar, oil, lime and mineral salt ( iron, phosphor, sulfur, potassium, manganese, chlorine, copper, calcium & magnesium ). Anti oxidation, It rebuilds cells, hair & skin tonic.
Almond : It contains vitamin A,B,E, mineral salts (calcium, phosphor, potassium, sulfur, and manganese), rebuilds cells, skin soft, stop itching, useful in case of : Eczema, burns, hemorrhoids, Arthritis, low sensitivity of hair & skin, freckles, pigment , dandruff and skin disease.
Wheat : It contains vitamin A,B1,B2,B3,H,K,D,PP, mineral salts, protein, active elements : (calcium, phosphor, potassium, sulfur, manganese, sodium, chlorine, Fluorine, iron ) and enzyme. Anti- pigment, Anti - inflammatory, stop itching and skin soft .
Aloe(Cactus): vitamin A,C, sugar, apple acid, Tartrique, Mucilage, tannin, protein, lime, phosphor. Stop fall hair; rebuild cells, anti-inflammatory anti- arthritis "rheumatism" .

1- Removing all types of abdominal stretch marks during And After pregnancy .
2- Removing body stretch marks generally after Slimming Programs or weight loss.
3- Accelerates the repair and rebuilding of damaged, dead cells which gives the Skin its glowing appearance and vitality.

Method of use:
Soap :
- Wet the affected area with hot water, rub the soap against the skin using your palms for 10 minutes, rinse well with fresh water.
Cream :
- Put little cream on the skin, Rub with your finger (circular direction) for 10 minutes.
- Apply 1-2 daily.

- To increase efficiency and speed of results is recommended to use (Wardi Shan / Stretch Mark Cream) after using Wardi Shan / Stretch Mark soap.

This product is totally free from animal fat