Arabic medicine with a modern scientific template:  To treat hair loss, skin and skin with herbs and natural oils - Arabic medicine with a modern scientific template:  to treat hair loss, skin and skin with herbs and natural oils

Soap + Cream

- Ingredients: Olive - Palm - Almond - Lavender - Lupine - Propolis - perfume - purified water..

Contains pure oils & extracts, which helps to clean active, dry, drain out, and sterilize congestions. As well as they are helps to activate blood circulation to cover holes of acne.

Olive: Contains Vitamin A,B,E protein, salt of (phosphor, iron & Calcium), Anti-oxidation. It rebuilds cells ,Soft and Emollient of skin & hair ,Includes Elenalic acid witch kills virus. And uses for sensitive and dry skin, hands & legs, and anti- Arthritis.
Palm : Contains hydra carbon, fat, fibers, vitamin A,B1,B2,C, protein, sugar, oil, lime and mineral salt ( iron, phosphor, sulfur, potassium, manganese, chlorine, copper, calcium & magnesium ). Anti-oxidation, It rebuilds cells, hair & skin tonic.
Almond : It contains vitamin A,B,E, mineral salts (calcium, phosphor, potassium, sulfur, and manganese), rebuilds cells, skin soft, stop itching, useful in case of : Eczema, burns, hemorrhoids, Arthritis, low sensitivity of hair & skin, freckles, pigment , dandruff and skin disease.
Lavender: Oil has a great ability to kill bacteria, and is used as a disinfectant,. It is used externally in the treatment of some skin diseases. It helps greatly in healing wounds, burns and bruises
Lupine : Rich of protein, contains lysestein ( calcium & phosphor) . It's useful in case of: virulent ulcer, anti - pigments, leprosy, furuncle and acne.
Propolis : Anti bacterial, anti viral, Anti - inflammatory and Local anesthetic.

Advantages :
1- Helps to remove acne, pimples and impacts.
2- Helps to clean deeply pores & wrinkles and drain congestion of acne.
3- Helps to activate blood circulation then accelerate the cells renewal.
4- Contains “Propolis “which is considered one of the most powerful natural sterilizers (germs, fungus & microbes).

Method of use:
- Wet the affected areas with water, Rub with soap directly, rub with hand palm less 30 seconds (for body 2 minutes) last Rinse well with fresh water.
- Repeat 2-3 times a day.
cream :
- Put little cream on the Acne, Rub with your finger (circular direction) for 30 seconds.
- Use 1-2 times in a day.

Diet for acne

* Do not eat the following foods: Pans - Spices and confectioners - Desserts cooked - raw milk or foods containing it such as kato, chocolate, ice cream, cream, fresh cheese, pastries and the like.
* It is OK to eat yoghurt, yogurt, butter and salted cheese for more than a month, as well as ice cream and chocolate that does not contain milk. That is, to refrain from eating the enzymes found in the milk that causes fermentation in the digestive system, and therefore there is nothing wrong with the yeast, ie milk and milk.
* Ten raisins should be taken daily for 10 days to remove digestive enzymes and reach the blood to prevent skin eruptions from appearing in acne. Then take one time when you notice the smell of faeces.
* Try to maintain the flexibility of the digestive system and non-exposure to cases of constipation increase the intake of cooked vegetables and the authorities, and only to eat bran bread only.

- To increase efficiency and speed of results is recommended to use (Wardi Shan / Acne Cream) after using Wardi Shan / Acne soap.

This product is totally free from animal fat